SMS Protection (Firewall and Monetisation)

AMEEX SMS Protection is composed of rules-based firewall allowing to finely control which traffic is permitted to be transported through your network. The Permanent Audit module reports in nearly real time pattern of traffic, making it easy and fast to detect and block by a simple click non legitimate traffic.

Key Features

Anti-spamming: block unsolicited SMS messages to a subscriber
Anti-flooding: block large amounts of messages to one or more destinations
Anti-faking: stop messages where the addresses of the messages are manipulated
Anti-spoofing: stop messages using illegally the SMSC of the client operator by manipulating the A-number

Benefits of AMEEX | mobile SMS Protection

Increases revenues
Filters unpaid routes to increase revenue from enterprise traffic terminating in your network.

Gray and black route protection
Blocks enterprise traffic utilising unpaid gray routes or faked SMSC identities to deliver free of charge into the network.

SIM farms protection
Blocks SIM farms utilising cheap P2P bundles to deliver enterprise traffic.

Cuts customer care costs
Removes spam which cuts customer care costs and improves customer satisfaction.